The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror(ish) Setting: Alternate Universe, no specified time or place, landscapes similar to the American West Pages: 231 The first time I attempted to read the first title in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series I was probably 11 or 12 years old, which was way too young to tackle this …

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The Anatomist’s Wife

Genre: Mystery, Historical Fiction Setting: 1830s, Scottish Highlands Pages: 357 After reading Faulkner’s Light in August, I needed to relax with a book that was easy reading and had a lighter tone, so I picked up The Anatomist’s Wife. To what extent a murder mystery can (or should) be used to decompress is arguable, I suppose. Nevertheless, Anna …

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Light in August

Genre: modernist, southern gothic, classic lit, american lit Setting: rural Mississippi, 1930s Pages: 507 There are some books that leave a distinct mark, and boy is this one of them. William Faulkner's novel Light in August contains a cast of characters who collectively span the full spectrum of social outcasts. Anyone who loves brutally honest social commentary on American …

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My new camera and lens came in the mail today! I'm going out this weekend to take some pictures and become familiar with it. Hopefully it isn't too ugly out. It snowed here today and I don't necessarily want to catch that grey sludgy stage of snow. Such is February.

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

Genre: Fantasy, Alternative Historical Fiction Setting: 19th century England and Europe Pages: 1006 Magic has returned to England in this novel, spurred on by the determined will of two magicians who hold very different opinions on what English magic should look like. The Good: This novel is deeply imaginative and despite its mammoth volume it maintains relatively quick …

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