Walking in the Woods

I’ve been going on a lot of hikes lately, because I am trying to live it up in this perfect late spring weather. However, one of the other reasons I’ve been spending so much time out in nature is because for the next two years I will be living in Berlin and London. The last time I lived in Berlin I felt such a withdrawal from nature. Many people who have lived their whole lives in big cities don’t understand this, and New Yorkers in particular are always bragging about Central Park, but there is something irreplaceable about true wilderness and I know I’ll miss it so. At least Berlin has Grunewald!

These are just a few simple photos from my time in Jacobsburg Park in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

forest; flowers; natureriver, forest, woods, nature, trees, nature photographyflowers, brambles, trees, forestpurple flowers, forest, nature

It was a brilliantly sunny day, which, at the risk of being hopelessly cheesy, truly echoed the mood of my spirit. I try to keep my eye open for interesting shapes and textures, and mother nature never disappoints.

twisted tree branchesTwisted Branchesfungus, fallen tree, woods, foliageMemDay2017-56MemDay2017-59

As I hiked further in, the canopy of trees became more dense making everything darker. I love when this happens. It always feel like the forest is covering me like a blanket, blocking out all the distractions and extraneous energies of the outside world.

Forest PathMossy LogMemDay2017-67Forest Bridge

No doubt I will be posting more photos from my nature excursions. Feel free to share your own woodland experiences!

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