I have been here for 3 months now. All I can think of is how it beats out London as the grayest city. 3 months I have been here and I can count the days that held blue skies on one hand. This city feels haunted. The recent terrorist attack in Brussels has added a nice layer of paranoia to my already dour mood. I want so badly to like this city. I really do.

But I miss America. I miss smiling at strangers and having them smile back at me. I miss my friends. I miss my dogs the most. On a more pampered level I miss having a microwave, a dryer, more than one towel. I miss soft tissues and toilet paper. And I miss blue skies.

I have had wonderful experiences in Europe. But I will be leaving here with a dark impression of Berlin. It still seems caught in time somehow. Heavy with unfulfilled potential.

Perhaps later I will have something nice to say about Berlin. But if I am being fully honest (and why the hell not? it is my blog after all), I rather doubt it.


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